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Why we should all channel out inner Queen (or QWEEN?)

As I write this blog post we are in the midst of the big Jubilee Weekend. There is a lot of fanfare and commentary on clothing, horses and whose who at the events but at the center of it all is one woman, the Queen.

I've been thinking a lot about how strange we as a nation look to the rest of the world at these events. Here we are with a woman in her 90s holding a stick on a balcony whilst planes fly over head, and horses dance about with members of the armed forces sporting the most incredible outfits parade.

It can seem a little frivolous on the surface. I certainly find it entertaining. But I wonder is there more we can learn from the Queen?

The thing that strikes me most about the Queen that I think we could all benefit from is that she has an unshakable sense of herself, her role and purpose. From a very young age she knew her future path and she has absolutely owned it. This seems empowering. She is simply full of confidence and self assurance.

As another great Queen (or maybe QWEEN) Dolly Parton once said "find out who you are and do it on purpose" and perhaps that is the trick.

If you've ever have a job that didn't match up with your values and purpose in life then you'll have undoubtedly felt that self doubt, that awful sense of imposter syndrome gnawing away at your self esteem. I myself experienced a huge transformation in my life and my confidence when I discovered what I REALLY wanted to do.

According to the Urban dictionary A QWEEN is someone who is "too fabulous to be called queen or princess, you know a QWEEN when you see one, they are fierce, FABULOUS"

So my call to you this week is to channel your inner Queen or QWEEN, grow your confidence, really get to know yourself and be fabulous.

Liz x

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