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Rest is best?

Rest is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing. But did you know that rest is so much more than just sleep – in fact, there are 7 different types!

It is crucial to be intentional about taking rest, you need to schedule it in. I’ve broken down the different types below. Try and experiment with each type seeing what works for you and tuning in to what your body and your mind really need. Once you’ve found the tools that work for you incorporate them into your daily routine and you’ll be sure to feel the benefit.

1. Physical Rest – we often think of rest as sitting or lying down. But it can also include stretching, napping even getting a massage. Physical rest isn’t just for gym bunnies we all need to let our muscles recover and reduce our overall fatigue.

2. Mental rest – is simply where we take a break from the mental stimulation we face daily. Ways to achieve this include.

  • Turning off your phone

  • Avoiding social media

  • Meditation, mindfulness or breathwork

3. Emotional Rest – taking a break form the emotional demands we face may look like.

  • Taking time out alone

  • Avoiding stressful situations

  • Practicing self-care – be that a bath or journaling

  • Spending time in nature

4. Sensory rest – we’re bombarded with noise, light various stimuli ALL the time. It can get a little overwhelming. So, to counter this try things like.

  • Turn off the TV.

  • Being in a quiet room or place

  • Simply closing your eyes

  • Practicing deep breathing

  • Listening to a hypnosis audio

5. Creative rest – this is so important and shows up as taking a break from work, pursuing a hobby, or engaging in a creative activity like drawing, painting, or cooking.

6. Social rest – taking a break from social interactions can be hugely restorative! Time spent alone, experiencing JOMO can sometimes be exactly what we need.

7. Spiritual rest – this is a hugely personal type of rest, its important to find what helps you feel grounded and connected with your inner self, why not try.

  • Meditation

  • Prayer/spiritual practice

  • Yoga

  • Spending time in nature

So, figure out which is best for you and rest up!

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