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Holidays are good for you!

This time of year, we all start to think about getting away. So, whether it’s a staycation, short break or long-haul adventure or long-haul adventure. There are many mental health benefits to taking a holiday so here’s my top 5!

1. You’ll de-stress.

Time away from the business of our everyday lives is good. It can give our minds and bodies a chance to PAUSE, BREATH and REFRESH.

2. You’ll sharpen your mind

If you’re exhausted, you likely won’t be functioning at your best physically or emotionally! So taking a break to recharge means you’ll come home feeling mentally sharper and ready to go.

3. Its an opportunity to get active

The benefits of movement for our well being are clear! And a holiday is the perfect chance to get moving so whether it’s a walk, hike, swim or adventure sport it will do you good!

4. It literally broadens your mind

Travelling to new places your brain and senses go into overdrive there are new sights, sounds, smells to adapt to. New surroundings to take in. And new experiences to be had.

5. It gives you something to look forward to

Simply booking a holiday gives you a mood boost before you’ve even left home! So, get booking!

If for you a holiday is a source of stress, particularly the flight, hypnotherapy can help. There’s just enough time to fit in a session or two before peak summer so please feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat more.

Liz x

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