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The thing that always stops us is fear!

What are you afraid of? Fear is a small word but here it forms a big question.

Maybe you're afraid of going for that new job you've seen advertised? Joining the club you're intrigued by? Or signing up for an account on the online dating site that seems to pop up every time you go online?

We're all made up of different parts. The part of us that wants to go to a party and the part that sits on the bed and doesn't get ready. The part of us that knows we should work out as well as the part of us that wants to keep us sat on the sofa.

These parts keeping us stuck are holding us back. But they are doing so with only the best of intention. We don't go for the job through fear of failure. We don't join the club through fear we won't be good enough. And we don't put ourselves out there to date through fear of rejection.

So to avoid this fear these benevolent parts full of good intention step in to keep us safe and stop us trying.

As someone who specializes in helping people with fears and phobias I incorporate parts theory into my therapeutic practice. I will often get clients to consider the role the part that came up with their phobia or issue is playing in their life. I'll ask them if they think its serving them still?

So consider today what your fear is really telling you. And ask yourself whether you want that fear to continue to hold you back?


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