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Simply the best...lessons from the Queen of rock

I've been forced to slow down a little for a few days, so I found myself absent mindedly watching TV. A documentary came on about Tina Turner and while sure I've sung along to "Simply the best" after a drink or two like everyone I'd never really paid a huge amount of attention to this power house of a woman and her life story. I realised in the wake of her death that we can all learn a little about life from Tina.

You can overcome trauma

Abandoned by her parents as a teenager and a survivor of domestic violence. Tina fled from her abusive husband Ike with just 36 cents and a gas card. When her divorce was settled she was sued by promoters and had to play small clubs and survive off food stamps to clear her debts.

You can start over in your 40s

Tina moved past her difficult experiences and relaunched her career spectacularly in the 80s with the album Private Dancer. Aged 44 at the time she is a reminder to us all that age is not a barrier and that you can start over any time. She didn't just start over she used her industry contacts and experience wisely showing that even if you do change direction you're not starting from scratch your starting with experience! She also did it in her own style, wearing an Armani mini skirt and Manolo heels. A further lesson to always be unapologetically yourself.

She gave us Simply the best affirmation

Try this today! Go on I urge you. I guarantee whether your working out in the gym, doing housework or typing something for work on your keyboard. If you say (or sing) the words "You're simply the best. Better than all the rest" you will immediately find your mood and energy levels lift. Even as I'm typing this I'm doing it and I'm typing faster and a smile is spreading on my face.

Finally she was incredibly wise, here are Tina's thoughts on;

Self care "You must love and care for yourself because that's when the best comes out"

Self improvement "I'm self made. I always wanted to make myself a better person"

Self belief "People think my life has been tough, but I think its been a wonderful journey"

Thanks Tina x

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