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Choose your words wisely!

I had a conversation with a prospective client this week and it went like this "I know all the things I should be doing and tell myself to do it but do the exact opposite instead". I think we can probably all relate to feeling like this we know we "should" do things obvious examples being eat more healthily, move more, drink less, stop smoking all that stuff. However, that notion of what we "should" do is somehow not motivating us into action.

As a hypnotherapist its my view that the words we use when we're trying to talk ourselves into doing these things is critical. Our self talk or dialogue with ourselves is a vital part of creating change in our lives. It helps us visualise and bring to life (in our minds) our goals. So it is crucial that we choose our words wisely.

In hypnotherapy we work with the subconscious mind, its here we can carry blocks and limiting beliefs that hold us back from attaining our goals. Our subconscious mind is always listening so it is vital that we give it clear messages. You can practice this and see it in your day to day life too.

So this January if you have resolutions to keep, a goal to achieve or maybe you're manifesting and wondering why its not having the desired outcome why not try the following simple switches.

Ditch - I should, I want or I wish...

Try - I choose, I can, I am.

These simple switches move your words and therefore your feelings and your actions into the present tense. That shifts you from wanting something to actually doing it, being it, feeling it experiencing it and crucially choosing it!

Our minds don't work in the future they are very much in the here and now so make sure you direct your mind in the present tense and keep it positive. As an example if you are aiming to get physically stronger in the gym this year tell yourself;

  • I choose to work out regularly

  • I can lift heavier weights

  • I am strong

Repeating simple positive statements like this, focusing in on the words will fire up your imagination and create an amazing picture and feeling for yourself.

Give it a try today and direct your mind and your words to support your goals!

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