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Changing lanes

There's been a lot of media coverage over the last few weeks about A levels, GCSE results and all the pressure that brings. I always thought that opening your exam results on national TV was a terrible idea (a dereliction of care by the school for allowing it, and thoroughly irresponsible journalism by the news channel) and the recent item on Good Morning Britain that saw a poor A level student live on air learning his results were not quite what he had hoped for simply reinforced that. But why do we do it to ourselves and to younger generations year after year. The pressure of exams is awful and at that point in time they feel like everything. A fixed point that can't be returned from. Of course that is absolutely not the case at all. My own experience demonstrates that completely, after all my working life did not follow any conventional or predictable path.

When I first left university I was a bit lost in the world of work. I tried various things and while temping was offered a position on a building site in Basildon now at the time lets diplomatically say I was not thrilled at the prospect at all but what transpired was by many traditional measures a highly successful career in the construction industry. I had absolutely no knowledge, skills or experience at the start of that career I did have 2 degrees but trust me no one cared about that at the time, apart from me.

Some 18 years or so later that career has evolved again and I spoke about my transition form construction into hypnotherapy in this article here;

My point being that if you are on the back of receiving exam results or at any point in life where you think your position is fixed. Its not. You can change careers, study later in life, learn on the job, find a whole new vocation. Shift from being an employee to a business owner. The list and indeed the possibilities are in fact endless.

If you are struggling with that feeling of being stuck and feel like you are capable of more, that there is more available to you but don't quite know how to get there. Please reach out to me to talk about how just a few sessions of hypnotherapy may help unlock that feeling.


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