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Autumn Audit

I love all things autumn. The colours, the crisp sunny but cool days and the natural sense of change happening in nature to prepare us for winter. As we start to cosy up and enjoy all things autumnal it is also a good time to take a moment to reflect.

I've seen many social posts this week reminding me that the end of the year is nigh, I'm sure you have too - things like "Christmas is only 2 pay days away" or "there's 90 days left in 2022 make them count"? As October begins, we enter the final quarter of 2022. So, whether you're counting down to Christmas) or to the end of the year, there truly is still a good amount of time left to identify and make changes.

So why not start today with a little autumn audit, check in with how you are doing and feeling in relation to the four key areas of wellbeing, namely

  • Sleep,

  • Nutrition,

  • Movement

  • Relaxation

Simply ask yourself how you are getting on, what areas would you like to improve? Are you sleeping well? Eating well? Moving regularly? And taking time to relax in a way that works for you?

If the answer to any of those questions is NO perhaps you need to delve a little deeper. For example, focusing on nutrition. What is it that makes you think you're not eating well? Is it too much sugar? Too much in general? Or maybe not enough. Perhaps you've got out of the habit of cooking and into the habit of ordering in?

Exploring our habits is key to identifying what we can change. Habits are something we do on repeat. Sometimes without even fully realising it. Therefore, becoming aware of our habits is key to changing them.

Experts say it can take between 21 and 60 days to change a habit. So, the good news is there is time before the end of the year to do just that.

Working with a hypnotherapist like me using the RTT method can rapidly increase your chances of successfully making changes in your life. In 1:1 session's my clients and I work together, exploring like detectives the origins of the habit or issue. Getting to the root cause of what is going on we are able to unlock unhelpful beliefs and behaviour patterns and reframe them into something that is more positive and constructive. After sessions all my clients have a bespoke audio recording to listen to for at least 21 days. This helps to wire in the changes long term. A sort of reprogramming or upgrading to the software in their minds ensuring old ways of thinking and behaving are eradicated completely and new habits, thoughts and feelings locked in. Growing their confidence and self-esteem, propelling them towards their goals like never before.

Feel free to reach out to me today if you would like to change your life by the end of 2022.

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