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I've been thinking a lot this week about change, how we experience it, fight it even run away from it. But in the end it is inevitable, change is not only part of life it is life!

All my hypnotherapy clients want to bring about some sort of change in their lives. That may be something like losing weight, quitting smoking, eradicating a fear or anxiety. Whether they want to sleep better, eat better or feel different it all requires change.

Maybe that's a change in habits, a change in the way we think, feel or behave even a change in what we believe about ourselves.

Generally there are 3 ways my clients experience change.

Immediate - this is exactly as it sounds instant change almost overnight (sometimes not even that long).

Cumulative - things build bit by bit and gradually change over time. This is a really powerful way to experience change and is a great way to ensure longevity - change that lasts.

Retroactive - this sort of change occurs without even noticing, maybe you only realize its occurred when someone else points it out to you for example a partner may notice you've not been smoking or you're less stressed.

So if at the moment you are struggling to make changes or perhaps feeling frustrated with an apparent lack of progress I think this C.S. Lewis quote is a great reminder that you are probably doing better than you think.

And of course if you would like some help to make changes in your life as we enter a new season why not drop me a line about how hypnotherapy could help change your life!

Liz x

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