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Why we should all strive to be aware.

This week has been World Wellbeing Week. With the intention of celebrating the many aspects of wellbeing including physical, mental and emotional health, having meaningful and purposeful work, financial security, community, connection and caring for the environment to name but a few.

There are an awful lot of awareness days, weeks and months so it is easy to become a little cynical about such things. Do we really need a puppy or chocolate day for example - surely we should celebrate puppies everyday? However, there is a huge power in bringing awareness to ourselves or to a particular issue or plight.

The very sad passing of Dame Deborah James this week highlights this - the collective awareness she has raised around Bowel cancer is simply phenomenal.

Quite simply when we become of aware of things change can occur. For example if an individual becomes aware that their physical health is suffering because of something they are eating, the awareness can galvanize them into taking action. I see with my hypnotherapy clients the self motivation that awareness can bring, it is powerfully transformative and can really propel people towards fulfilling their goals.

So if you want to cultivate or enhance your own awareness consider these tips;

  • Keep a diary or journal and be really curious about yourself, about who you are, what events trigger positive feelings for you and conversely what triggers negative feelings.

  • Read more fiction this allows you to see different perspectives to get a sense of walking in someone else's shoes.

  • Practice gratitude, lots of people swear by this. But it can seem a bit trite at first. So just try and think of one thing each day that you are appreciative of perhaps its a particular person, your health, a job or a pet. Practicing gratitude in this way can help you develop an awareness of your connection with the world around you.

  • If you are feeling brave enough to do so you could also ask a trusted friend or family member for their feedback.

Ask them what your strengths are?

What you are best at?

What you could improve on?

Are you someone they often choose to go to for advice or support?

Research has shown that people who are more self aware tend to be better communicators, cultivate stronger relationships and have greater self esteem.

All of which importantly on this Awareness Week contribute to greater wellbeing.

Liz x

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